Zach Kimbrough

Senior Energy Rater & Software Technical Liaison, with EnergyLogic since March 2016

I grew up in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. My friends and I would ride our bikes all around town collecting aluminum cans. We would then recycle them and use this money to buy jerky and sweets from the local gas stations. When I wasn’t exploring Denver, I was playing sports. I played year round with baseball in the spring and summer, soccer in the fall (later soccer was replaced by football), and basketball in the winter. By the time high school came around I participated solely in football, until one day a teammate convinced me to attend his lacrosse game. I had very little knowledge of the sport and even less interest, but I agreed to go show my support. The game had me in awe by the end of the first quarter. I had all the gear needed and signed up for a summer league with my future teammates within the week. When the next official spring season started, I had already played through five seasons and was hooked.

After graduation I waited a year and moved to Pueblo Colorado in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry which later morphed into accounting. That was not the best thing to come out of my time in Pueblo, however. While sitting in a sociology elective I overheard a cute girl talking about the dirtbike she would rather be riding. Intrigued by the unique hobby, I quickly moved right next to her and introduced myself. This cute girl later became my beautiful wife, Jordi.

After many years in Pueblo, Jordi and I decided to move to Fort Collins, Colorado. Here we would be closer to friends and family. This chapter is still being written and I can not wait to see what it has in store!