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There is no substitute for the quality of the people that work in a company. EnergyLogic seeks out people who share our vision, passion and the core values of our organization.

Field Energy Rater

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We seek people who can communicate, people who try to put themselves in other’s place. Energy evaluations require extensive training in the field of building science and even a bit of “energy geek”.  Our Raters take pride in being able to think like a detective to find problems that aren’t obvious and to think like an accountant to determine which solutions are the most cost-effective. We’re proud of our technical competence using a variety of testing equipment, from garden hoses to infrared cameras. We use the latest computer software to analyze data and see patterns — we are comfortable moving between these different roles. Ultimately, our work is to see the larger picture, to go beyond the obvious to find the solutions that aren’t on the surface. Our raters combine curiosity with diligence to seek those answers. Each person who works for EnergyLogic brings something unique to our business.

Skill sets required for Energy Raters

  • RESNET® Certified
  • Energy rating and other building science related skills
  • Alternative building systems interest, knowledge and/or experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong computer skills
  • Positive outlook

Please review the Energy Rater PDF for complete job description.

Energy Rater Job Description

To apply, please send a resume and a cover letter to: jobs@nrglogic.com


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