Will Lorey

Chief Operations Officer, with EnergyLogic since February 2010

In 2003 while living in Cheyenne WY, our friend Steve (Byers) said, “Hey, I do these energy audits for a living, why don’t you let me check out your house?” So I paid him in dinner while he attached a crazy red door to our house and sucked all the air out. We were living in Cheyenne because the Air Force had decided to station us there. I think it was penance for previously having been in San Antonio and Copenhagen (yes, Denmark) but apparently I paid my dues because they sent us on from there to England!

Along the way they paid for both a BS in engineering and a MBA and only “suggested” that I do what they said and go where they asked (like to beautiful mid-east desert locations) every now and again. Alas, I was missing a bit too much time with our young kids, Jared and Isabela, and with my wife Karen, and I realized it was time to move on.

Who would have thought my travels would bring me back to Steve and his blower door? Fortunately, the timing was right for both of us and I was able to bring my years of running small organizations in the Air Force to bear on the growing EnergyLogic family. What I love (besides being home for more dinners) is the potential to make for my kids a better and more sustainable life.

I grew up in rural Wisconsin where everything seems natural and sustainable, but having traveled the world a bit and seen the good and the not-so-good, I truly believe that for my kids to be able to enjoy what I have enjoyed will take some effort on my part to make it possible. EnergyLogic is a great place to make that happen.