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EnergyLogic has a long history of partnering with Utility Providers to deliver energy audit services, program administration and third party program quality assurance.

Audit and Administration Services

Every program has its unique aspects. EnergyLogic is very flexible in meeting our client’s needs. From basic “clipboard” or “walk-through” audits to full diagnostic testing audits, we deliver exceptional customer service and rigorous accuracy. Our energy professionals are among the most experienced in the nation. We approach each home as if it were our own and each homeowner with the respect they deserve. This approach creates intense customer good will and increases audit to action response rates.

Program Participation and Partners have included:

  • XCEL Energy Energy Star New Homes
  • XCEL Energy Home Performance
  • Excess is Out Program – a joint program of Atmos Energy, Source Gas and Colorado Natural Gas
  • Black Hills Natural Gas

For new home programs and existing home programs (both audit and administration) please contact us at 800-315-0459


Third-party Program QA

EnergyLogic works across the nation in third-party program quality assurance roles. Our reputation upholding the highest ethical and quality standards in our own work has established us as a trusted partner for this critical and sensitive work.

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A few of our Program Partners include:

  • NV Energy
  • CharlestonWISE
  • Oncor/TXU Energy

For Third-party quality assurance services please contact Rusty Buick at 720-305-8436.