Homeowner Testimonials

We were extra ordinarily pleased with the service, quality of work, timeliness and all other aspects of the service we received by Jason and Mike. Thank them all so much.
— Sandy Kaminsky

In October I had installation installed in my crawl space and attic. I had Jason come out and give me a proposal on what could be done. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in my home. It seemed like the walls around me felt more sound. Last week’s frigid temperatures was really the test – I was very comfortable.
I want to extent my thanks to Jason on his proposal of what would work in my situation and also to Mike and his crew who did a great job. You all did great work and I will recommend you to anyone who asks. Also, to Susan who managed to put up with all my questions.
— Eleanor Comstock

I wanted to send a thank you mail to your company for the outstanding service Phil Drotar provided us. We requested the free Energy Audit through Black Hills Engery. Phil was assisgned to our request and he performed the audit earlier today.
Phil was fantastic to work with and he gave us plenty of information to work with. He made sure that we understood the rebate opportunities available to us as well as simple improvements we can do to our home to make it more effecient.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Phil and his professionalism exceeded our expectations from the audit. Thank you for providing this service to homeowners.
— Donna Parker

We are customers of Black Hills and recently had an energy audit done by Phil Drotar. We are writing to commend him for his excellent audit. He was very patient with our many questions and very professional. Give him a raise (we are not his parents!).
— M.J. & T.J.

Thanks Jason for the home energy audit! I plan on implementing your recommendations and saving some $$ and getting green :) EnergyLogic is highly recommended for home energy audits.
— Gary Gaessler

Phil Drotar just completed an energy audit in my home, and I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I learned from the experience, and how much I appreciated Phil and his information. He is incredibly professional, and spent so much time showing me things, explaining things, and offering great advice. He did all of this in a very professional yet very friendly manner. I learned a lot from Phil and found the experience to be enjoyable as well as more educational than I expected. Phil is an asset to your organization and I thank you for the excellent service you provided me.
— Jaenette Coyne

Jason Acosta of EnergyLogic recently did an energy audit on our home. He was thorough, articulate and a pleasure to work with. His written report, complete with detailed photographs of trouble spots, was cogent, helpful, and easily understandable. I was very impressed with all aspects of our experience with him and EnergyLogic.
— Linda Plaut

A year and a half ago we were laying out a plan to update our 1971 house. We had already gone through a winter in the house and knew that on some days the 30+ year old furnace had a hard time keeping up. For the modest square footage of our house, we were using a lot of natural gas. But we had no idea of where to put our money first to get the most savings. We worried that replacing the furnace and all the single pane windows topped the list. We were surprised to learn from our EnergyLogic audit that neither of these were at the top of the list. For less than $25 and a Saturday we tackled the top two items. Our house is now warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. And best of all our natural gas use has been cut in half. I highly recommend EnergyLogic.
— Liz Rayment

I was impressed with the knowledge I gained from the energy audit and I believe that I will be equally impressed with the engery savings from the work done. The items that were addressed were far beyond simple “plugging of holes” and spring in more insulation. I feel that this is one service and product that I have paid for and received my monies worth. Thank you very much for the work and competent work force.
— Brian Rahaley