Tom Flanagan

LEED Services Manager, with EnergyLogic since September 2012

Growing up, I held at one time or another basically every job a teenager can hold. I worked at a coffee shop, a bakery, and a video rental store. I worked as a bike mechanic, drove a driving range ball cart, and stacked glasses Crate & Barrel. (I like this quote from Benoit Mandelbrot to illustrate my work history: “Very often when I listen to a list of my previous jobs, I wonder if I exist. The intersection of such sets is surely empty.”) I got my start in the residential building industry working for my uncle’s remodeling company over the summers in college. Swinging a hammer for hours every day – and trying to decipher framing plans – taught me many quick-but-lasting lessons on how we put homes together in this country. (Many of those lessons don’t really apply in this climate zone… But that’s another story.)

After sitting in a cubicle for 5 years helping to develop and deploy the LEED for Homes rating system for the U.S. Green Building Council, I took a giant leap a couple years ago to pursue my two true passions in life – Good food, and green homes. I began studying and in-field training to become a LEED for Homes Green Rater. At the same time, I took a job helping to run the meal operations of a local DC soup kitchen. Some days saw me waking up at 4:30 am to get breakfast started, heading out into the field to do some LEED inspections, then returning to the kitchen to greet the dinner volunteers. Needless to say – that all didn’t last very long.

While my work in the food world continues through intermittent volunteering for Farm to School programs, I’m so proud to be among this great team of raters, schedulers and trainers at EnergyLogic. It’s exciting to see day in and day out the effects our work is creating in the homebuilding industry.