Steve Eagleburger

Field Services Director, with EnergyLogic since April 2010

I started out in life many years ago as a very small child, barely able to hold my head up, from that point there was nowhere to go but up. I spent the following years, as I grew, in notable trailer parks in such diverse locations as El Nido CA and Rice MN. Finally, after 16 years of wandering, I landed in Colorado. My parents (who accompanied me through the previous years) moved on after I finished my secondary education. I was left to establish a life of my own. The adult me took a page from the child me and continued exploring. I tried my hand as stagehand, set painter, fine artist, faux finisher, general contractor and solar installer until the fateful day I received a call from EnergyLogic. Now that I’ve found my true home I continue to explore new frontiers in energy efficiency -and I can hold my head up.