Steve Byers

Principal & CEO, with EnergyLogic since the beginning

I was raised in a military family, so: Colorado, Georgia, Virginia, Germany to name a few spots. After graduating from the Air Force Academy, I flew C-130’s for five years. Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I got out of the Air Force, married Wynne Maggi and moved to Atlanta where she was completing her PhD in Anthropology. This meant that  I went to Pakistan with Wynne and performed important tasks like chopping wood and what not. After that, I got my start in energy at Southface Energy Institute, starting as an intern and working my way up to running field operations.

Returning to Colorado, Wynne and I started EnergySmiths which later merged with BuiltWright to form EnergyLogic. Wynne and I have two lovely daughters and live in Berthoud, Wynne’s hometown and a great place to live. Having never truly had a hometown, I am dedicated to building a sustainable community in my adoptive hometown. Wynne and I run the summer outdoor film festival in Berthoud as a small part of that commitment.

I have my Bachelor’s degree in Asian history from the Air Force Academy and an MPA from Georgia State University. I am a RESNET® certified Trainer and Quality Assurance Designee. Hiking, gardening, movies, reading and great beer are a few of my favorite things.

Where to start with what’s great about working at EnergyLogic? Probably the greatest everyday thing is our tremendous team of dedicated, frightfully curious people. I am perpetually honored by their efforts. On a larger scale, I am eternally thankful that I spend my days serving a larger mission. We’re doing everything we can to work toward creating a more sustainable and just world. Even the odd bad day is made worthwhile by our deeper mission.