Robert Mancilla

Energy Rater, with EnergyLogic since May 2017

I was born in Burbank California, but since I was raised in Aurora, Colorado, I naturally developed a love for the outdoors, living in such a beautiful state. I enjoy snowboarding, longboarding, camping and hiking, and when I get some time to myself, I enjoy playing video games and reading. I value education and the preservation of our planet; I’m currently attending school at CU Denver with a major in Mechanical Engineering and Minor in Environmental Science. In my brief time on earth, I have done a lot of thinking as to what I want to do with my life. I have been jumping around and doing different things, but overall I’ve come to know myself better every day. I’ve taken some big leaps in order to understand who I am and it’s definitely helped. I’ve worked at Halliburton as a Service Specialist, making large sums of money, only to find myself extremely unhappy doing the world injustice. I also worked at Vestas as a repair tech working on blades and Nacelles, only to find that a very small percentage of people that worked there actually wanted to help our planet. During the struggle to find my purpose and my endless wandering, I’m happy to say that I am now at EnergyLogic.

I still have big dreams of changing the world somehow and I will do it–I think about this goal every day. I hope that some of the many people that I’ve met will help me do that. I look forward to the future and every possibility it holds.