Robby Schwarz

Robby Schwarz - Principal at EnergyLogic Principal & Director of Builder Relations with EnergyLogic since January 2006

“What a long and strange trip it’s been” – Grateful Dead

When I graduated from high school I chose a lofty and philosophical quote to go with my year book picture that I don’t remember, and which really had no bearing except that I know it had an environmental theme; so I thought I would try a better one now. Looking back, I wish I had chosen “Should I stay or should I go now” from the Clash. I went to a K-12 school which I started in 2nd grade and the school was my family and home. During those school days I was exposed to so much and had wonderful experiences, which began to shape my adventurous curiosity and love of learning.

That being said, it is no surprise that I attended Colorado College a liberal arts school. I graduated with a degree in history and political philosophy and a minor in maritime studies. Diversification is the rule is it not? Really what I graduated with was an ability to think critically, research, and communicate although my wife may argue that point. Speaking of my wife, I met her in high school and she truly has been my greatest teacher and friend and a wonderful mother for our two children. Anyway, looking back, since high school two themes became apparent. 1st an environmental ethic which back in the 80’s was not as clearly defined as it is today; 2nd, a love of learning and being flexible enough to embrace change.

When I was a boy I remember waking up one morning with a magpie in my room. The next morning I woke up with a bumble bee on my nose. I liked the magpie better because the bee actually stung me. I had these experiences because my bedroom was open to the outdoors and because my family lived in a house while it was going through a major gut rehab and addition. My first introduction to construction; I learned how to swing a hammer and fall through a floor system that was being framed. So from then on construction was always my fall back job in high school, college and afterward. I just did not know at that time that it would be my career as well.

My adventurous side took over and luckily for me, my girlfriend now wife had one too. We worked in Alaska’s fishing industry (I later when back and worked on a fishing boat for five seasons) in the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah in oil exploration, and overseas teaching. When we made it back to Colorado the only thing I knew was I wanted to marry my girlfriend and I wanted to work in an environmental arena. So I found my way back to construction, however this time in the office of a progressive production builder who was trying to figure out which new green building materials could be brought into a production building environment. You could say I went full circle.

Adventure, curiosity, a love of learning, environmental ethic, dedication and flexibility are what define Energylogic to me. I had my own company (for 13 years?) which offered much adventure. In 2006, I merged my company with Steve and Wynne’s to create EnergyLogic, which continues the adventure but adds the new wonderful dynamic of dedication to others. One of the best things about our company and profession is that we literally learn something new every day and we have the opportunity to share that knowledge and love of learning with our clients and colleagues. Flexibility also means the ability to adapt and be open to change. The world, the economic climate, and our small company test our ability to live this way every day. Lastly, that ill defined environmental ethic of yesterday has become clear today . We see it defined in our role of helping the people we work with build a sustainable built environment that can blend seamlessly with our modern lifestyles and meet our expectations of comfort, durability, safety, efficiency, and environmental soundness for the homes that we live and invest in.