RESNET’s Notification Regarding REM/Rate Compliance


From: Steve Baden
Date: September 15, 2015 at 5:32:24 PM MDT
Subject: RESNET® Accredited Quality Assurance Providers – HERS® Software Program REM/Rate™ Compliance to New RESNET Procedures


To:       RESNET Accredited Rating Quality Assurance Providers


In 2014 RESNET adopted the following changes that can affect HERS Index Scores:

  • The adoption of ANSI/RESNET 301-2014 Standard that has tighter air tightness and ventilation requirements
  • The adoption of ANSI/RESNET 301-2014 Addendum A on calculating hot water systems
  • Develop technical boundary checks on what can be entered into a HERS Software tool.

All RESNET accredited HERS software programs were informed of these new requirements in 2014 and were given until August 1, 2015 to make the modifications.  HERS Raters would have had to use the new versions of the software on projects beginning on October 1, 2015.

In late July, NORESCO informed RESNET that REM/Rate would not meet the August 1, 2015 deadline and requested a thirty day extension.  RESNET granted the request and moved the deadline for HERS software programs making the changes to September 1, 2015 and changed the date that HERS Raters needed to use the updated software on new programs to January 1, 2016.

The HERS software programs of EnergyGauge USA and Ecotrope met the September 1, 2015 date.  NORESCO, however, informed RESNET during the last week of August that REM/Rate would again not meet the deadline and requested another sixty day extension.

Because of the need for the rating and housing industries to know the effects on the HERS Index Score of the above changes, the RESNET Executive Committee voted to deny NORESCO’s request for another sixty day extension.   The company was informed that if the REM/Rate program was not approved to meet the new requirements by January 1, 2016 that REM/Rate  would be decertified by RESNET and HERS Raters would not be able to enter building files created through REM/Rate into the RESNET Rating Registry.

NORESCO has not indicated to RESNET when REM/Rate will be compliant to the new HERS procedures.  It is hoped that the new version of REM/Rate is released soon in order to give builders and HERS Raters plenty of time to calculate changes that the revisions  will have on the HERS Index.

In case this does not take place, the executive committee also voted that certified RESNET HERS Raters and Energy Smart Builders be notified of the following free trial offering by EnergyGauge USA:

Newly accredited by RESNET as a Home Energy Rating Software (HERS), IECC and Tax Credit tool, EnergyGauge USA 5.0, will be available as a free trial product for 90-days (or until November 30, 2015, whichever comes first). Any interested party may download Version 5.0 to examine the impacts of the ANSI/RESNET 301-2014 Standard on their most popular home designs.

Version 5.0 fully implements the new ANSI/RESNET 301-2014 Addendum A, hot water system calculations. These new hot water calculations allow HERS ratings to gain HERS credits for improved plumbing design, hot water piping insulation, low-flow fixtures, drain water heat recovery systems (DWHR), hot water recirculation systems and low water-use clothes washers and dishwashers. It also supports the national EPA ENERGY STAR new home program qualification and the U.S. DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) new home program qualification.

The trial offer of EnergyGauge USA 5.0 will not allow RESNET registration of HERS Ratings. To be able to register ratings with the RESNET Registry using EnergyGauge USA 5.0, certified raters will need to purchase a license for the software.

To download the free 90-day trial offer, simply go to  and click on the download button.

EnergyGauge software is a product of FSEC, a research institute of the University of Central Florida.

RESNET encourages HERS Raters to download the free trial version of EnergyGauge USA and to begin to run some key building files to determine what, if any, changes may result from the modifications.


Steve Baden
RESNET Executive Director
P.O. Box 4561
Oceanside, CA 92052