Rachel LaMantia

Energy Rater, with EnergyLogic since November 2017

I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, home to the rich and diverse Sonoran Desert, painted sunsets, Saguaro cactus, breathtaking monsoons and yes, the scalding hot summers. Growing up, most of my summers were slightly more bearable because they were spent on the Hopi Reservation, located in northeastern Arizona. I was always aware of the difference between the lifestyle on the reservation and the lifestyle in Tucson, but I quickly became accustomed to the lack of running water and my grandmother’s hot trailer. As I grew older, I began to wonder why there was such a big difference between these two communities and pursued this question through my undergraduate—B.S. in Sustainable Built Environments—and graduate –M.S. in Architecture, Design and Energy Conservation—studies at the University of Arizona. It was during this time that I learned that we can create and design in a more energy efficient way, increasing the quality of life and reducing the amount of energy we so unknowingly consume. I became the graduate teaching assistant for the Sustainable Design and LEED Initiative class and combined traditional passive strategies with modern strategies to create an alternative design to the substandard housing that consumes the Hopi Reservation. Upon completion of my college studies, I began working with Winona LaDuke to improve access to renewable energy on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota and then on to Colorado where I made Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB). Being in Denver, I am surrounded by a different set of mountains, outdoor activities, job opportunities in green building and a large variety of local beers! I have since made sustainability my life commitment and am thankful to have found EnergyLogic, a company full of likeminded people who have a passion for sustainability and who work every day to improve the social and environmental impacts of buildings.