Quinn Stedman

Rating Field Inspector, with EnergyLogic since May 2018

Hi there, my name is Quinn Stedman and I hail from the state of Illinois, the northwest suburbs of Chicago, land of the amazing deep-dish pizza! I spent most of my childhood outdoors catching fireflies and climbing trees. I never quite knew what I wanted to do with my life growing up, but I was always environmentally conscious and constantly yelling at people for littering. I went to a community college in Elgin, Illinois, part-time obtaining an Associates in Applied Science degree as I worked full-time as a waitress/bartender. About 6 years ago I came to visit a friend in Colorado and went to my very first show at Red Rocks, immediately falling in love with this state and everything it had to offer; I knew one day I would call this state my new home. My friends went to EcoTech Institute in Aurora and I really admired the school’s missions and values. At this point, I knew my passion was energy efficiency and wanted to use my love for the environment to help preserve and re-shape the way people thought about the earth. I moved to Colorado in September of 2014 and have absolutely loved it since. I spend most of my weekends outdoors whether that be hiking, camping or Red Rocks shows in the summer as well as snowboarding in the winter! I also really enjoy flow arts and spend much of my time hula hooping and learning new tricks. I LOVE meeting new people and will definitely talk your ear off if you give me the chance!