Phil Drotar

Team Lead/Plans Specialist, with EnergyLogic since June 2009

I have had a few different paths that have led me to where I now find myself. I grew up here in Colorado, in several towns along the front range, ending up in Colorado Springs. I attended a number of schools before graduating from Metropolitan State College at Denver with a BA, emphasis in fine art and painting. I try to keep producing and showing my art work as much as is possible for a father with a young child and a never-ending list of things to do. I have also been involved in various areas of construction, from remodeling and refurbishing houses and apartments to building, superintending, and performing warranty work for several different builders. My wife Cindy is an LCSW with a growing private and clinical practice. We have a young daughter, Gaia, who keeps us running. I am also an avid gardener, hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and any other excuse to get me outdoors

As a Colorado native with family going back several generations, we are fortunate to still have and maintain my great-grandparents’ original homestead, which is just west of Limon, Colorado. I have spent time out in the country with a wide variety of people who have lived connected to the land, through many different challenges. This has given me a perspective of self-reliance and conservation which was taught to me from a young age. At one time what we now know as “alternative energy” was not that at all, but the only energy, as on our farm before any power lines were run. A lot of small farms relied on small wind turbines to power their homes. This made conservation not only practical, but essential. Water and soil conservation were also of the utmost concern, and, both then and now, are very important to life on a farm. Growing up surrounded by people who remembered and practiced these time-honored ideas has led me to believe in the necessity for us, individually and collectively, to become as energy-independent and responsible as we can be. This is why I am very grateful to be involved with an organization of like-minded people who also feel passionately about these important issues.