Paul Gelatt

Energy Rater & QAD, with EnergyLogic since August 2008

My life has been blessed with good fortune and good timing. Born in California in the 50’s, I was raised by kind, educated parents, in a safe and supportive community. I was barely in time for free “Be-ins” in the park and just missed going to Vietnam.

I came to Colorado to attend C.U. and have lived here ever since. I ended up with a degree in Geography, a perfect fit for my broad, unfocused interests, but not so good for getting a job in Boulder. I worked as a furniture-maker, carpenter, and remodeling contractor.

Along the way I married Natalie who is responsible for a large part of the success and happiness in my life. She deserves most of the credit for our two wonderful (grown) children- Kai and Carly.

I was at the first Earth Day celebration and waited in lines for gas. I remember feeling encouraged when Carter put solar collectors on the White House, thinking our country would finally be making progress on energy efficiency. Years later, some of my remodeling jobs involved removing solar thermal panels and I wondered what happened to that progress. Later, clients began to show a lot of interest in energy efficient and sustainable building design. The need to increase my expertise in these areas led me to Energy Logic, where ,with a little good luck and good timing,( just before the “Great Recession”) I was offered a job as an energy rater, inspecting homes for compliance with government programs such as Energy Star. I am hopeful that the time has finally come for us to create real solutions to our energy challenges, and I am happy to be doing my small part.