Matthew Anthony

Energy Rater, with EnergyLogic since September 2016matthew-anthony

It’s been said that I am a good ol’ Southern Boy, perhaps even a simple gentlemen and scholar from the school of hard knocks. I was brought into this life just outside of the Okefenokee swamp in South Georgia and spent my formative years rambling around the Southeast, painting various places such as Atlanta, Chattanooga, Gainesville, Athens, Boone, Asheville and everywhere in between a vibrant color of the proverbial red. I am thrilled to be a member of the EnergyLogic family, with all of the amazingly talented Logicians, and am excited about all of the adventures to discover throughout Colorado… and beyond!!!

Like many before me and many after, I come to EnergyLogic with a diverse background, specifically an eclectic specialization of implementing sustainable solutions in the built environment. I discovered my passion for sustainability in my formative experiences throughout the construction industry and trades. However, it was with my service at Southface Energy Institute that I was able to truly see the fruits of my (and those whose shoulders we all stand upon) labor and feel the very satisfying impact of saving the world one building at a time. I have drunk the Sustainability Kool-Aid, and it is so delicious.

I enjoy living the dream–a good beer, hugs that last for three breaths, sporting a creative facial haircut, randomly laughing manically and/or dancing like no one is looking, trying to figure out how to play the banjo, maps, learning anything and everything new, puzzles, speaking for those who don’t have their own voice, and spending heartfelt quality time with family and friends… among many, many other things.