Lori Fulka

I & I Support

Growing up in Boulder, I knew from the beginning how lucky I was to live in and enjoy our wonderful state of Colorado. I remember a lot of camping/fishing trips with my family to places like Lost Lake. We used to hike around old town sites near Nederland and investigate abandoned gold mines. In the winter I learned to ski at Eldora (night skiing is a blast!). In the summers I braved water-skiing at Carter Lake and Lake Powell.

Eventually I graduated from CU (go Buffs!) with a B.S. in Elementary Education and soon after, got married to my husband, George. Later we were blessed with two sons, Kristopher and Timothy. Of course during this time I was still teaching, mostly 4th and 5th graders, right here in Berthoud, at Ivy Stockwell Elementary.

Now that our boys have grown into men and I’ve recently retired from teaching, I’ve found time to explore new hobbies. I enjoy remodeling projects with my husband, camping, playing the piano, baking, reading, and learning how to crochet. Also, since horseback riding used to be a part of my youth, I’d like to explore riding again. Oh and of course, I spend precious time with my three rescue dogs: Mocha, Candy and Latte.

I’m happy to also be devoting some of my time to EnergyLogic, a Colorado company that is concerned about the environment. I’m fortunate to be working part-time on the software team with a fantastic group of people.