Laurie Hindman

People & Culture Director, with EnergyLogic since November 2009
I grew up in Herndon, Virginia, which was a small farming community, surrounded by woods, fields, and farms, but is now a sprawling suburb of Washington DC. I went to high school in Canberra, Australia and, after returning to the states, graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College in Virginia Beach, with a great game of Ultimate Frisbee and an English degree. So armed, I waited tables, sold hot dogs at baseball games, did page layout at a text-book publisher, and other exciting jobs ideal for English majors, before landing in Human Resources, working for a stuffy government contracting firm. Eventually I went back to school at night, earned a master’s in psychological services, and found work as a career coach, while teaching yoga at night.

In Washington DC, I met my husband, Jeff, a green builder who was actively working to return to his home state of Colorado. We moved here in 1995 and live in the first church of Berthoud, built in 1883, which we remodeled in 2011. We have two young adult boys and various pets. As a family, we love hiking, camping, and road trips. In my spare time I practice yoga, garden, and read, read, read. I love my job at EnergyLogic because I get to work with some of the best people on the planet. And I have the best commute of anyone I know—a two block walk!