Kenzie Keller

Logistics/Customer Support, with EnergyLogic since February 2018

I am a self-proclaimed “Sparkly Hippie” who values compassion, morality, and the effort to understand. Since adolescence, I have had a knack for being “different”. On my eighth birthday I decided to become a vegetarian and 14 years later an herbivore still stands in front of you. Camo shorts and backward Yankees cap accompanied me on the playground until middle school when I discovered my love for softball and basketball, as well as an excessive amount of hair bows. High school is where I found my passion for helping others, teaching children, and writing anything and everything.
As I finish my degree in Early Childhood Education, I am working part-time as a nanny and part-time here at the exceptional EnergyLogic where I get to develop my professional skills and engage with a community of support and constant growth. My love of sports is still very prevalent today as I participate in volleyball, kickball, dodgeball, and frankly anything I get to compete in. Board games and puzzles followed by the guilty pleasures of reality television most accurately describe the rare weeknight in for me. A frequent escape from the fully blocked-out dates in my day planner is a weekend in the mountains surrounded by the Colorado nature that I have always loved. These days “different” comes in the form of purple
hair and playlists of spoken word poetry echoing on car rides. And I have to tell you, I wouldn’t want it any other way!