Jesse Marcus

Rating Field Inspector, with EnergyLogic since May 2018

Like most people, I was once a child. Growing up in the northwest Chicagoland area I developed a passion for environmental conservation as I watched suburbia slowly replace the natural landscapes of my childhood. After graduating high school, I pursued a career in audio engineering and music business, but after a two year stint at Belmont University in Nashville I realized my passion for the environment was steering me in a different direction. I transferred to the University of Colorado – Boulder and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, focusing on alternative energy systems and demand-side energy management. My studies have taken me from the streets of Copenhagen to the hillsides of Nepal in order to understand humanity’s relationship with energy and how we exploit our local climates and topography to maximize energy generation and storage. I still love music and enjoy writing and playing with other musicians across the Denver-Metro area. However, I’m always available to “nerd-out” about any developments in renewable energy technologies, just give me advance notice so I can gather my materials.