Jeremy Hansen

Energy Rater, with EnergyLogic since July 2017

Although I was born in Iowa and lived in Massachusetts until I was four, my childhood was spent growing up on a hill in New Hampshire, where life consisted of coming home from school and playing in the woods with neighborhood buddies.  My life has been very adventurous from a young age;  being the youngest of four boys, I learned a lot – first and second hand.  Skiing, mountain biking, soccer, basketball, golf, a bit of rock climbing, swimming, pond hockey, kneeboarding, snorkeling, how to approach girls, how not to approach girls, and general romping about in nature, are prominent memories of life until now.  I graduated university in Virginia with a philosophy major and music industry minor.  After graduation, a college friend and I went to Central America for seven months with a grand plan to buy property and build two houses, rent one and live in the other.  Instead, we ended up backpacking, learning to surf, speaking Spanish, and meeting amazing people before coming back to the states.  I ended up in Boston for a few years enjoying city life as a waiter on the wharf downtown and a valet driver at a hotel near Fenway Park.  From there, I spent six years in South Korea as an English teacher and manager of a small academy.  Life there was great; I met my wife and cherish those years.  We moved back to the states two years ago and I have found myself back in a city, but this time where people speak English and I am constantly motivated to get out into nature and do some more romping about.  One day, hopefully soon, I’ll break my wife’s city-girl mentality and we can run through the woods happily.  I’m thrilled to be at EnergyLogic, working for a good cause, among people with good hearts and strong minds.  It’s great to be learning, constantly, and contributing here as part of the team to improve houses and save a lot of energy.  As a friend of mine recently said upon hearing of my job, “Negawatts are better than megawatts!”