Jared Hull

Energy Rater, with EnergyLogic since February 2018

Growing up outside of Baltimore, Maryland, I developed a love for the outdoors and travel which took me to many places including Australia and Colorado.  My first taste of this great state was living and working in Vail, where I did everything from landscaping in the summers, to snowmobile tour guiding in the winters. Along the way, I hiked, camped, and snowboarded as much as possible.

After my time in Vail ended, I returned home to Baltimore, a decision I always regretted.  There I worked in restaurants, at a publishing company, and for myself as a home inspector.  The housing market and my business were slow at that time and I, fortunately, came across a job ad seeking Energy Auditors; I applied, was hired, and spent the next 8 years helping people make their homes more efficient and comfortable while keeping their bills down.

Throughout this time I visited Colorado often to see friends and enjoy the great outdoors and ultimately decided to return to where I always felt I belonged.  I sold my house and the majority of my belongings, quit my job, and bid farewell to family, friends, sleet, humidity, and everything familiar. I was headed west!        

After taking some time to settle in and explore, I was thrilled to become part of the EnergyLogic team, work with great people, and continue to help people and our planet!