Janet Howard

Chief Financial Officer, with EnergyLogic since February 2010

Growing up in rural Illinois didn’t exactly prepare me for either college life or the ultra-urban lifestyle of living in downtown Chicago.  But, after getting my degree at Northern Illinois University, I moved to downtown Chicago to get some experience.  What an understatement!  Before embarking on my main career path in finance, I took a detour through the high fashion retail world of Michigan Avenue, and then the cut-throat world of the music recording business.  Both experiences satisfied my adventurous self, and I turned my concentration to getting in the door at Arthur Andersen.  At the time, it was the largest public accounting firm in the world, with their headquarters in Chicago.

Inside Andersen, I found I was drawn to the more abstract financial concepts I was being exposed to, rather than just straight accounting, so I quickly veered toward the Consulting Division’s Budget and Strategic Planning group that reported to the CFO of Andersen Consulting. I held various financial management positions over 18 years at Andersen.  I thought it was a good time to leave in 1999, when Andersen became corporate, as Accenture Inc., but I continued to work for them on special projects until 2001, while I started my own business. That is when my husband was offered a job in his home state of Colorado, and we decided to move.

I continued to expand my horizons out west as Budget Manager for a commercial project management firm in Boulder.  My primary job was budget development and finance liaison to the developer of several high end hotel resorts in the US, Caribbean, and Hawaii. I was exposed to the high stakes world of speculative real estate development and all of the stakeholders involved.  During this time, I also gained a lot of business knowledge about architecture, design, and purchasing within the commercial development arena, as well as obtaining a LEED AP certification in Commercial Interiors.

If you are lucky, you meet the right people at the right time in your life, at least once.  I became aware of EnergyLogic, practically in my backyard, by stumbling onto their website.  To this day, I am grateful I contacted Steve and Wynne on the chance that they might need some help with their business.  It has been yet another learning experience for me – the good kind.   I am happy to still be here in Berthoud with my husband Jim, and our dog Angus.