Jackson Hindman

I & I Software Support Specialist, with EnergyLogic since May 2018

Like EnergyLogic, I am lucky enough to call Berthoud my hometown! While I was technically born in Virginia, my family moved to Colorado when I was eight weeks old, so while I might not be eligible for a “native” bumper sticker, I like to think I got here as soon as I could! With its tight-knit community at the feet of the Rocky Mountains, Berthoud was a great place to grow up, and through programs like high school band and Boy Scouts, I discovered a love for both music and the outdoors.

These passions and general Colorado pride would eventually lead me to Colorado State University, where I became a dedicated member of KCSU, the student radio station, eventually joining the staff as Music Director. KCSU was a great fit for me, giving me a place to use my technical skills and creative problem solving to contribute to a shared goal of making KCSU the best radio station in Fort Collins! After graduating in 2016 with a communication degree, I moved around from job to job, unsure of the next step, until I was lucky enough to return to my beloved hometown and join the EL team. Outside of work, I enjoy all things music, from seeing concerts to jamming in friends’ garages. I love camping, hiking, and skiing, or really any other activity that allows me to leave civilization and explore more of our beautiful state.