Greydon Studer

Rating Field Inspector, with EnergyLogic since September 2016

Born in Texas, raised in Colorado, sounds like the beginning of a steak advertisement… I came of age running the woods on the fence line of the Air Force Academy, shooting old cans of food from a potato gun at forgotten cars rusted into old creek beds. I earned my callouses picking cactus spines and gravel from my hands and trying to fix a few beater cars that I may or may not have broken. The evidence is inconclusive. I toyed with photography and political journalism as professional choices, much to the dismay of my military father. Eventually, I decided it would be better to learn how to run the business side of a restaurant so I could be a cook and host wild parties like my grandfather did in the disco era. Many truancies later, I landed a scholarship at CSU for Hospitality Management which afforded me four great years of fishing and skipping classes to sit in on botany and philosophy classes I wasn’t actually paying for. I had the post-collegiate existentialist blues by my third year and spent an entire summer couch surfing, fishing, and camping.

I managed to graduate and went on to swing a knife in a few hip Denver restaurants and later, Whole Foods, before deciding the kitchen life was not what I wanted. It wasn’t hard to admit that I needed something new. After a few years of pursuing one-off opportunities and odd jobs, I was afforded an amazing chance and ended up in a totally new career field learning the ways of energy ratings on the truly executable side of sustainability with Energy Logic. Sometimes I still have dreams of standing on the sauté line during dinner rush with an overheating printer spitting out miles of impossible demands, but at least now I don’t wake up to repeat them. I’m grateful for where I am and excited for where I’m going.