About Field Fusion

EnergyLogic’s Field Fusion is a semi-annual educational and networking event which integrates our work in the field with other industry professionals. Through our broad network of professionals, we’ve leveraged resources and materials which support a common understanding of both technical and sales-related applications that collectively contribute to the importance of high-performance homes.

Field Fusion 2019 Events

The Reality of HVAC Design

The HVAC system is the epitome of systems thinking, which is the backbone of building science. Systems thinking revolves around the notion of synergy where two or more things come together to create more than what could be achieved individually.  HVAC system integration with the thermal envelope will begin our discussion of design.  We will build from there to ensure a common understanding of what HVAC design is and why just following good design principles does not ensure a well-performing system.  We will ensure that design, installation, and performance measures are all address so that you leave with a comprehensive understanding of how best to integrate a Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system design into your construction process.

High-Performance Homes – If You’re Not Selling It, You’re Giving It Away

Our consumers are making the largest purchase of their lives with very little knowledge about the product they are buying. Research has confirmed that consumers want well-performing, comfortable, and efficient homes. Consumers are rarely informed about the benefits of high-performance homes. This Field Fusion will present the issues and offer simple and effective value propositions which lead to a higher level of engagement while helping them reinforce their emotion-driven purchasing decision. 

Stay tuned for a schedule of Field Fusion events which to be held in Northern Colorado, Metro-Denver, and Colorado Springs locations. 


EnergyLogic’s Field Fusion events are made possible with the support of our partners, NOCO HBA, HBA of Colorado Springs, and Metro Denver HBA. Please click on our partner logo’s below to learn more. 

A portion of Field Fusion event proceeds is donated to HomeAid Colorado. 


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