Expert Training, From the Home Energy Experts!

EnergyLogic is one of the longest established, most innovative and professional training organizations in the industry. Whether you need RESNET, USGBC, BPI or other certification or you simply need to stay on top of EL_TrainingBlok4your profession with the best in both live and state-of-the-art eLearning we can meet and exceed your expectations.

What separates us from the rest is our dedicated team of practiced professionals who will provide your training and certification needs. All of our trainers have thousands of hours in the field, working in the same job they are teaching you. You won’t find that in many places! Our trainers know the tools and equipment you will use, and can provide you with one of the best comprehensive, hands-on field training experiences in the business. These are the same trainers who conduct our online training.

We have a dedicated website for our work as a training organization.

Please visit the EnergyLogic Academy to learn more and go Beyond Certification!