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Paving the way for the development of LEED for Homes both domestically and internationally EnergyLogic provides an unparalleled knowledge base of industry experts to help you grow your business and flourish in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Whether you are in training or very experienced with LEED for Homes, we are here to keep you up to date with all program changes and process development.

Contacting a Provider is your first step in the LEED for Homes certification process. We have trained and developed a very experienced group of Green Raters and LEED APs to serve the whole scope of LEED certification for your project. Our network of LEED professionals and raters extends throughout the Unites States and across the globe to accommodate any project location.

Please contact Rusty Buick directly at 720-305-8436 for more information about Provider benefits as a Green Rater or if you are looking for a Green Rater in your area.