EnergyLogic’s RESNET HERS® Rater Provider Services



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Business success is founded on solid relationships:


Your relationship to your customers, your fellow professionals, your vendors and your community are critical to your prospects for stability and growth. As a RESNET HERS Rater, no relationship may be more important to you than your relationship to your RESNET HERS Provider.  EnergyLogic places great value on our relationships with our HERS Rater Partners. We have the experience, the technical and business know-how, and the dedication to give you a valuable RESNET HERS Provider experience. We are passionate and committed to delivering the best, most comprehensive set of RESNET Provider Services in the industry.

The best way to see the value in these services is to have a clear list of what you get from the service.  This Provider Comparison Checklist outlines the value you get from EnergyLogic’s services to compare that to others.  This is a great place to start in comparing the value of a provider and we think you’ll clearly see the distinction.

EnergyLogic is dedicated to the highest level of service.  By signing up with us today you get over $3,000.00 in potential discounts and perks.  This is a great value for business owners invested in the growth of their HERS rating company.       

  • 8 hour Money Back Guarantee
  • Business Coaching/Mentoring
  • 24/7 Access to Tech Resources
  • Professional Development Training
  • Volume Discounts on Ratings
  • One Free Admission to RaterFest!
  • 50% Discount on EnergyLogic Academy Online trainings 
  • One Free From-Plans Rating Analysis
  • Listing on our Website and HERS Rater Partner Map.

For more information on the items listed above, or for any other info regarding our HERS Providership, please contact Glenn Pease, or call us at 1-800-315-0459.


EnergyLogic has been an amazing resource and industry partner as our RESNET provider. Their training and willingness to help has been instrumental in our success as a Rater partner. Anytime we have a question there is always someone from EnergyLogic that is willing to take the time to not only give an answer, but also explain the why and how. Their online training is top notch! We have had three raters successfully complete their RESNET training through the EnergyLogic Academy and it is a great resource for continuing education in our field. The annual RaterFest! Conference has always been a great opportunity for sharpening our skills as raters, keeping on top of the newest innovations in energy efficiency, and a great opportunity to meet with fellow raters from around the country (even when we have to fight through floods to attend!). We look forward to a continuing success with our partnership in the future!” 

-Scott Krienert, American Energy Advisors – Omaha, NE