3rd Party QA for Providers

Reputable. Dependable. Expertise.

EnergyLogic works with HERS Rating organizations around the country to provide high-quality, affordable QAD services. Every provider needs an experienced and dedicated QAD on the team.  Our multi-regional expertise and broad HERS Provider base allows us to deliver the best in service along with the best in performance.

Being a RESNET HERS Rating Provider can be complicated, especially with constant change in the RESNET standards.  Hiring EnergyLogic as your QAD allows you to focus on what you do best and we can pick up the rest.  Choosing your Quality Assurance Partner is one of the most important decisions you will make.  We recommend using our shopping comparison chart linked here if you are shopping for a QAD.  If you’re not already a provider but are interested in becoming one, we recommend checking out our page dedicated to “Becoming Your Own Provider” with helpful links and resources to guide you through the process.


“EnergyLogic offers a high value service that has both increased the quality of our work and smoothed the training process for our new hires.  They have the often-overlooked ability to be both highly resourceful and personable.  It is a pleasure and a benefit to work with them.  We look forward to adding years to our already veteran relationship.”

-Daniel Conner, Southern Energy Management