EnergyLogic is a dedicated member of RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network), the standard setting organization for the HERS industry. RESNET not only sets the standard for the performance of HERS Ratings, but also certifies HERS Trainers, Quality Assurance Designees, HERS Providers (the oversight function of the industry).

EnergyLogic is heavily involved in RESNET, serving as members of the board and numerous committees and working groups including Quality Assurance Committee and Training and Education. Our deep involvement with RESNET keeps us at the forefront of understanding our industry, which is very dynamic and rapidly evolving. This allow us to be both influential in the development of standards while ensuring our clients that we are operating with the latest knowledge available.

You can find more information about EnergyLogic’s Provider Services here.

EnergyLogic’s HERS Training information can be found here.