Lori Fulka

I & I Support

Growing up in Boulder, I knew from the beginning how lucky I was to live in and enjoy our wonderful state of Colorado. I remember a lot of camping/fishing trips with my family to places like Lost Lake. We used to hike around old town sites near Nederland and investigate abandoned gold mines. In the winter I learned to ski at Eldora (night skiing is a blast!). In the summers I braved water-skiing at Carter Lake and Lake Powell.

Eventually I graduated from CU (go Buffs!) with a B.S. in Elementary Education and soon after, got married to my husband, George. Later we were blessed with two sons, Kristopher and Timothy. Of course during this time I was still teaching, mostly 4th and 5th graders, right here in Berthoud, at Ivy Stockwell Elementary.

Now that our boys have grown into men and I’ve recently retired from teaching, I’ve found time to explore new hobbies. I enjoy remodeling projects with my husband, camping, playing the piano, baking, reading, and learning how to crochet. Also, since horseback riding used to be a part of my youth, I’d like to explore riding again. Oh and of course, I spend precious time with my three rescue dogs: Mocha, Candy and Latte.

I’m happy to also be devoting some of my time to EnergyLogic, a Colorado company that is concerned about the environment. I’m fortunate to be working part-time on the software team with a fantastic group of people. 

Kathleen Henning – Director of Information & Intelligence

Software Product Manager, with EnergyLogic since April 2006

Back in the day, way, way back, when Computer-Aided Design degrees were nowhere to be had, the best I could do was a Computer Science degree and an Interior Design degree from Butler University in Indianapolis. I applied my makeshift CAD degree as a programmer and product developer at several architectural/interior design firms including HOK in St Louis and Knoll International in Pennsylvania.  I eventually changed my application focus to educational software, and then the insurance industry.

The arrival of three children in two years dictated an extended break from the workforce and a quick relocation to Cincinnati for family help. We found our way to Colorado and I fortunately found my way to EnergyLogic when it became time to get back to work.

I started at EnergyLogic as the only scheduler, and part-time at that, and have been a part of this company’s amazing growth. I love that I have been able to help shape and grow both the scheduling team and our DASH℠ software system.  I am grateful that my computer skills are put to good use in managing our DASH software product.

With three busy teenagers, two dogs, and family and friends spread out over the Midwest, there’s not much time for hobbies. I manage to get in some scrapbooking, volunteering, coaching, and on Christmas Day I read an entire book in my pajamas.

My favorite aspect of EnergyLogic is the culture-driven to lead and succeed, yet committed to the family of employees that gives EnergyLogic its success.

Jackson Hindman

I & I Software Support Specialist, with EnergyLogic since May 2018

Like EnergyLogic, I am lucky enough to call Berthoud my hometown! While I was technically born in Virginia, my family moved to Colorado when I was eight weeks old, so while I might not be eligible for a “native” bumper sticker, I like to think I got here as soon as I could! With its tight-knit community at the feet of the Rocky Mountains, Berthoud was a great place to grow up, and through programs like high school band and Boy Scouts, I discovered a love for both music and the outdoors.

These passions and general Colorado pride would eventually lead me to Colorado State University, where I became a dedicated member of KCSU, the student radio station, eventually joining the staff as Music Director. KCSU was a great fit for me, giving me a place to use my technical skills and creative problem solving to contribute to a shared goal of making KCSU the best radio station in Fort Collins! After graduating in 2016 with a communication degree, I moved around from job to job, unsure of the next step, until I was lucky enough to return to my beloved hometown and join the EL team. Outside of work, I enjoy all things music, from seeing concerts to jamming in friends’ garages. I love camping, hiking, and skiing, or really any other activity that allows me to leave civilization and explore more of our beautiful state.


Zach Kimbrough

Senior Energy Rater & Software Technical Liaison, with EnergyLogic since March 2016

I grew up in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. My friends and I would ride our bikes all around town collecting aluminum cans. We would then recycle them and use this money to buy jerky and sweets from the local gas stations. When I wasn’t exploring Denver, I was playing sports. I played year round with baseball in the spring and summer, soccer in the fall (later soccer was replaced by football), and basketball in the winter. By the time high school came around I participated solely in football, until one day a teammate convinced me to attend his lacrosse game. I had very little knowledge of the sport and even less interest, but I agreed to go show my support. The game had me in awe by the end of the first quarter. I had all the gear needed and signed up for a summer league with my future teammates within the week. When the next official spring season started, I had already played through five seasons and was hooked.

After graduation I waited a year and moved to Pueblo Colorado in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry which later morphed into accounting. That was not the best thing to come out of my time in Pueblo, however. While sitting in a sociology elective I overheard a cute girl talking about the dirtbike she would rather be riding. Intrigued by the unique hobby, I quickly moved right next to her and introduced myself. This cute girl later became my beautiful wife, Jordi.

After many years in Pueblo, Jordi and I decided to move to Fort Collins, Colorado. Here we would be closer to friends and family. This chapter is still being written and I can not wait to see what it has in store!

Wynne Maggi

President & Chief Culture Officer, with EnergyLogic since January 2006

To prepare myself for my role as CCO of EnergyLogic, I spent two years living in Northern Pakistan with the Kalasha, a people who still practice their indigenous religion and speak an unwritten Indo-Aryan language. Like the people who work at EnergyLogic, they are warm and intelligent and resourceful. And they know how to celebrate. I will say that they seem to be better dancers than we are.

I have a Ph.D. in anthropology from Emory University. I wrote a book, Our Women are Free: Gender and Ethnicity in the Hindukush. Steve Byers and I have two wonderful daughters, Ariel and Emma. We have perfect pets as well. I like to cook. I like to write. I like to read about gardening.

I count my blessings everyday that we have such an authentic and vibrant and committed team at EnergyLogic. They are far and away the best part of it all. But also, my job has allowed me to learn so many new things about money and energy, culture and power. I’ve learned how to give good people the space they need to do their work well. And I’ve learned how to put together a lovely chart of accounts. It’s all good.

Jennifer Snarr

Software Developer, with EnergyLogic since September 2015

I was born on an island in Washington State and lived in one of those small towns where everyone knows everyone. As a pre-teen, my family traveled across the country and visited as many states and attractions as we could, on the way to a new home in Ponte Vedra, Florida. While in high school, I knew that I wanted to work with computers for a living and started working towards that goal. I graduated college with honors and a degree in Computer Information Systems. After college, I moved to Colorado to start a family and worked in IT for companies large and small. Today I have two beautiful daughters with a great future and ahead of them and am very happy to be using all of my skills and experience to help make EnergyLogic’s DASH software an industry leader. Every day is a new challenge and a new opportunity to grow and learn from the amazing group of talented people that make this company what it is.