Past Employees - Where are they now?

Jason Acosta

Jason is finishing a Master of Science Degree in Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The degree is focused on HVAC design and the analysis of energy use in buildings. For the past year and a half, Jason has been an intern at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, where he has worked on improving the energy efficiency of government buildings. Jason was married last May to Shannon. To celebrate finishing up school, Jason is headed to Washington State and Canada for a month. Jason plans on staying in Denver and continuing to work on reducing energy use within buildings.

Linda Bilsens

After our year of traveling around the States and abroad, working in various sustainable energy/agriculture projects, my husband and I settled in Washington DC last fall. I’m currently working as the Farm Liaison for farm-to-table restaurant in the city. I spend half of my week in the restaurant, and half of it managing operations on the restaurant’s half-acre organic farm.

Byron Burns

byronburnsUpon completion of my mechanical engineering degree in the spring of 2012, my family and I set off for Virginia, where I went to work for H&A Architects and Engineers as a mechanical engineer specializing in energy analysis. I work on projects that range from U.S. Embassies located overseas to office buildings located in the U.S. The work is both interesting and challenging due to complex design and performance requirements as well as the geographic locations. We have settled into Virginia and enjoy playing tourist on the weekends, ever in search of great seafood and local wildlife sightings.

Doug Bursnall

dougbursnallNow Senior Conservation Specialist working for Colorado Springs Utilities within the Demand Side Management group. I work with third parting providers and directly with customers to manage $1.5m in energy efficiency programs, ensuring they are cost and energy effective. I research and develop new energy programs, oversee educational initiatives such as our water and energy efficiency exhibit area and interface with local contractor associations and national energy groups.

I am also the company bike advocate, encouraging employees to participate in healthy activity through commuting and recreating on bicycles.

Outside of work I sit on the board for Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates who design and build multimodal trails focused on the mountain bike community. So I’ll often be found leading volunteer events, to build trails on the hillsides and in the parks of Colorado Springs.

I have an amazing wife, attaining certification as a Nurse Practitioner, and daughter who is a budding musician, loves her math, science, reading and just being a bundle of fun.

Meagan Foster

meaghanfosterMeagan is now working as the Manager, Compliance on the Human Assets team for Teach For America. She works from a home office in Berthoud and gets to come around often, due to the fact that her husband (Glenn Pease) is a Program Manager for the ePro division at EL. She thoroughly enjoyed her time as the Training Coordinator for EnergyLogic; the experience was tremendously helpful in furthering her knowledge of the home energy industry and provided her with valuable professional experience. She looks forward to seeing EnergyLogic grow and thrive in the coming years. Meagan loves to spend time with her family and friends, especially Glenn and their son. Exploring the great state of Colorado is a favorite weekend activity, and she is looking forward to taking her son on his first camping trip this summer.

Kam Jaspal

Kam Jaspal continues to work for an EnergyLogic partner, Veterans Green Jobs, as the Director of Field Operations. Veterans Green Jobs is a Denver based non-profit organization that strives to connect military veterans with training and employment opportunities in the green sector. Kam spearheaded the Weatherization Department since its inception during the 2009/2010 contract period. Through EnergyLogic Kam gained Resnet Home Energy Rater and BPI Building Analyst credentials and worked in their Builder Services and Existing homes divisions before moving into the Weatherization arena. Energy Logic engaged in a partnership with Veterans Green Jobs in 2010. The partnership involved setting up an organization to serve the Colorado Energy Office as the provider of weatherization services for Denver and Jefferson counties. The newly formed agency handled one of the busiest weatherization agencies on Colorado, at its height serving over 1200 homes per year. Veterans Green Jobs’ mission is to engage, transition, and connect military veterans with meaningful employment opportunities that serve our communities and environment. Since the organization was founded, they have served over 500 veterans and provided energy efficiency, health and safety services to thousands of low income homes in Colorado.

Darren Legge

DarrenLeggeDarren is pursuing joint Master’s degrees in environmental economics and business administration from Duke University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He hopes to help develop strategies for businesses and governments interested in pursuing energy efficiency and other sustainability initiatives. He misses the mountains but loves living in North Carolina and enjoys mountain biking, running, and traveling.

Barbara Ann McMonigal

mcmonigalBarbara Ann left EnergyLogic so her family could pursue their farming/cooking dreams in Pennsylvania. She is currently the Business Manager/ Innkeeper/Chef at Horizon View Farms in Rockwood, PA.

Her experiences at EnergyLogic have been very helpful in approaching this newer, younger business. Her family misses the EnergyLogic community, but is happy to be closer to extended family. She now lives on 465 acres and is developing a small business on the side with her husband, called Happy Soel. They will be selling fruits and vegetables and Happy Soel body butter, all produced with nothing, but love and the finest ingredients because just like EnergyLogic’s detailed and thoughtful approach to building science, she believes that everything we use on our skin and to fuel our bodies makes a difference!

Michelle Myers

M CamelAfter working for EL as a scheduler and then as a support person for the OptiMiser software program, my husband and I accepted an opportunity to live overseas as “expats”.  My husband Tom taught a class as a consultant in Saudi Arabia in 2010 for Saudi Aramco Oil.  The class was about Building Codes, as the company uses the US Codes.  He was invited back again in 2012 and offered a job at that time.  “Honey, do you want to live in Saudi Arabia?”

The first thing I can say is we have been here over a year and are doing fine.  There are definite ups and downs to this gig, and the culture of Saudi is always interesting and challenging.  We live on a guarded compound of about 10 square miles and 11,000 people with totally mixed nationalities – you can find someone from about every country in the world here.  The compound is very westernized and we have one of the very few movie theaters in the entire country here.  We have a house with a yard and lots of clubs, groups and recreation opportunities here, which makes it feel more “like home”.  A few things we don’t have are alcohol and pork…you have to work around these things.  One way is to drive to Bahrain and get those things there.  There is some manufacturing that occurs here as well, but that’s a secret!

Tom’s job is going well.  It is unfortunate to say, but they can barely build safe buildings here with proper fire exits and structure, much less look at energy efficiency.  However, I see hope in the future as the country realizes it cannot rely on oil forever.  There is exploration into alternative energy here and that should lead to more efficient houses and better design.  Tom’s purpose is to try to educate on safe building but also better methods and thinking “outside the box”.

I hope that you are all well and are looking forward to summer.  I really enjoyed working with all of you and wish you continued success at EL!  If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, I’d welcome your email at

Nathan Pepper

nathanpepperSince my time at EnergyLogic, I have been living out my lifelong dream of being an architect. I am currently enrolled at the University of Colorado Denver in the Masters of Architecture program. As a student, my entire time is devoted strictly to studio projects, designing, and learning what it takes to not just be a successful architect but how we can have a positive impact on our environment. The experiences I gained while with EnergyLogic have already had a great impact on my education and will continue with me throughout my career. Not only did EnergyLogic help me gain the experience and knowledge I wanted, but also gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing and inspiring individuals.

Footnote:  Nathan won the Craftsmanship award in the AIA (American Institute of Architects) annual award ceremony for Young Architects and Design program!

Mike Rodriguez

Mike Rodriguez did not go far!

While working with Energy Logic, Mike enjoyed completing energy audits and offering customers recommendations on how they can make their home more energy efficient. During his time with Energy Logic, Mike saw a real need in the industry for a reliable and knowledgeable contractor to actually put those recommendations to use and complete the energy retrofit work. He decided to combine his passion for energy efficiency and general contracting and founded Energy Retrofit Specialists, LLC in May 2012. Energy Retrofit Specialists strive to help homeowners save money on their monthly utility bills, improve health and comfort in the home, and educate them on all the government rebate programs available.

“As a leading provider of home efficiency upgrades, we take pride in offering the best whole house approach to home efficiency upgrades and retrofits. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.”

When Mike is not servicing clients, his weekends are busy with sports as he coaches his 8 year old son’s football and baseball teams. Mike also has a 1 year old daughter that keeps him on his toes, a 2 year old Great Dane who gave us “VIP” status at the pet food store, and a gorgeous wife that manages it all!

Peter Stelling

For the last 3 years I have been working for Populus LLC as the Contractor Manager for Boulder County’s EnergySmart Service and the Denver Energy Challenge where I am responsible for contractor quality and training, ongoing development of program standards as well as technical support for Program Advisors.
We also brought our wonderful little Lyric Sage into the world and just celebrated her 1st birthday in late July. We continue to be involved in the local and national music scene, and couldn’t be happier with our lives in Colorado.