Jala Curtis

Marketing Director, with EnergyLogic since July 2016EnergyLogic Jala Curtis Director of Marketing

Fortunate enough to be surrounded by snow-capped peaks, outdoor adventures, weather that defines the meaning of four-seasons, Bronco football magic and craft beer, Colorado is the perfect place to call home. Born and raised in Northern Colorado, I’ve gained an appreciation of those childhood memories taking family drives through the canyons to look for big horned sheep, Estes Park being a favorite destination. These are the experiences you feel lucky to share and pass down as a parent. It has admittedly been nothing short of thrilling to feel like a kid again in creating similar memories with my son Coen, family and friends.
I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering through Habitat for Humanity to help in providing homes for deserving families in the Fort Collins community. Discovering my passion of working with people has progressed in 18 years worth of relationship building and has been humbly rewarding. Throughout my years of experience in the workforce, 13 of those years subsist interchangeably of sales and marketing focused goals. I always welcome a challenge, and thrive in a fast-paced atmosphere where every day brings the opportunity to creatively provide solutions for colleagues and customers. Upon coming on board with EnergyLogic, I have been fascinated by the team and by the vision, mission and integrity standards the company has established. I feel fortunate to have an opportunity to grow and to be part of a truly innovative and industry leading company!

Hannah Finch

Creative Strategist, with EnergyLogic since January 2014

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” –Keller
I grew up in Macon, Georgia where I enjoyed a childhood filled with dance, art, music and many outdoor adventures.  I spent my high school years in NY, dedicating my time to the arts and studying at the pre-professional training program at STEPS on Broadway.

I attended Point Park University in Pittsburgh as a double major, studying Dance and Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management.  Post-graduation I performed professionally for The Pillow Project, H20 Contemporary Dance and Anthony Williams while working a variety of jobs from studio manager to software tester. All the while, my life-long desire to move to Colorado called me to move west.  When I was blessed with the amazing opportunity of become a Logician, nothing could stop me.

I’m living in my dream state, working at a company that inspires me, surrounded by beautiful people. I also am the choreographer for the Berthoud HS Show Choir and musicals.  I spend my free time painting, dancing, playing piano, traveling and adventuring.

Laurie Hindman

People & Culture Director, with EnergyLogic since November 2009
I grew up in Herndon, Virginia, which was a small farming community, surrounded by woods, fields, and farms, but is now a sprawling suburb of Washington DC. I went to high school in Canberra, Australia and, after returning to the states, graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College in Virginia Beach, with a great game of Ultimate Frisbee and an English degree. So armed, I waited tables, sold hot dogs at baseball games, did page layout at a text-book publisher, and other exciting jobs ideal for English majors, before landing in Human Resources, working for a stuffy government contracting firm. Eventually I went back to school at night, earned a master’s in psychological services, and found work as a career coach, while teaching yoga at night.

In Washington DC, I met my husband, Jeff, a green builder who was actively working to return to his home state of Colorado. We moved here in 1995 and live in the first church of Berthoud, built in 1883, which we remodeled in 2011. We have two young adult boys and various pets. As a family, we love hiking, camping, and road trips. In my spare time I practice yoga, garden, and read, read, read. I love my job at EnergyLogic because I get to work with some of the best people on the planet. And I have the best commute of anyone I know—a two block walk!

Janet Howard

Chief Financial Officer, with EnergyLogic since February 2010

Growing up in rural Illinois didn’t exactly prepare me for either college life or the ultra-urban lifestyle of living in downtown Chicago.  But, after getting my degree at Northern Illinois University, I moved to downtown Chicago to get some experience.  What an understatement!  Before embarking on my main career path in finance, I took a detour through the high fashion retail world of Michigan Avenue, and then the cut-throat world of the music recording business.  Both experiences satisfied my adventurous self, and I turned my concentration to getting in the door at Arthur Andersen.  At the time, it was the largest public accounting firm in the world, with their headquarters in Chicago.

Inside Andersen, I found I was drawn to the more abstract financial concepts I was being exposed to, rather than just straight accounting, so I quickly veered toward the Consulting Division’s Budget and Strategic Planning group that reported to the CFO of Andersen Consulting. I held various financial management positions over 18 years at Andersen.  I thought it was a good time to leave in 1999, when Andersen became corporate, as Accenture Inc., but I continued to work for them on special projects until 2001, while I started my own business. That is when my husband was offered a job in his home state of Colorado, and we decided to move.

I continued to expand my horizons out west as Budget Manager for a commercial project management firm in Boulder.  My primary job was budget development and finance liaison to the developer of several high end hotel resorts in the US, Caribbean, and Hawaii. I was exposed to the high stakes world of speculative real estate development and all of the stakeholders involved.  During this time, I also gained a lot of business knowledge about architecture, design, and purchasing within the commercial development arena, as well as obtaining a LEED AP certification in Commercial Interiors.

If you are lucky, you meet the right people at the right time in your life, at least once.  I became aware of EnergyLogic, practically in my backyard, by stumbling onto their website.  To this day, I am grateful I contacted Steve and Wynne on the chance that they might need some help with their business.  It has been yet another learning experience for me – the good kind.   I am happy to still be here in Berthoud with my husband Jim, and our dog Angus.

Will Lorey

Chief Operations Officer, with EnergyLogic since February 2010

In 2003 while living in Cheyenne WY, our friend Steve (Byers) said, “Hey, I do these energy audits for a living, why don’t you let me check out your house?” So I paid him in dinner while he attached a crazy red door to our house and sucked all the air out. We were living in Cheyenne because the Air Force had decided to station us there. I think it was penance for previously having been in San Antonio and Copenhagen (yes, Denmark) but apparently I paid my dues because they sent us on from there to England!

Along the way they paid for both a BS in engineering and a MBA and only “suggested” that I do what they said and go where they asked (like to beautiful mid-east desert locations) every now and again. Alas, I was missing a bit too much time with our young kids, Jared and Isabela, and with my wife Karen, and I realized it was time to move on.

Who would have thought my travels would bring me back to Steve and his blower door? Fortunately, the timing was right for both of us and I was able to bring my years of running small organizations in the Air Force to bear on the growing EnergyLogic family. What I love (besides being home for more dinners) is the potential to make for my kids a better and more sustainable life.

I grew up in rural Wisconsin where everything seems natural and sustainable, but having traveled the world a bit and seen the good and the not-so-good, I truly believe that for my kids to be able to enjoy what I have enjoyed will take some effort on my part to make it possible. EnergyLogic is a great place to make that happen.

Michelle Lee

Payroll Coordinator, with EnergyLogic since August 2013

Colorado is the place I have always called home. I was born in UT but moved here when I was 2 years old. Growing up, my brother and I competed in Little Britches Rodeo events; however my passion was not for horses or farm animals. I have always loved reading but it has only been the past few years that I realized how much I enjoy logical, predictable things — like numbers and accounting.

My husband and I moved from Longmont to Berthoud in the spring of 2000 and our children have attended every school in town. We love the friendships, support, and sense of peace that exists in our small town community. It has been an excellent place to raise our three children and instill our family values. We are also fortunate to both have jobs within two miles from our home.

I feel that the people at EnergyLogic are its greatest asset. There is a sense of caring, community, and purpose for the well-being of each other, as well as future generations, that I have not witnessed in a workplace environment before. I feel very blessed to be a part of the team and vision of EL.

Misha Maggi

Billing Coordinator, with EnergyLogic since April 2018

Although my family moved several times in my very early years (including a stint in Calgary where I was born) I spent the majority of my childhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Just prior to my freshman year, my family opted to improve the scenery and moved to Castle Rock, Colorado where I graduated from Douglas County High School. I graduated from University of Colorado in Boulder with a BA in psychology (dual focus on biological and child psychology) and, unsure of what I wanted to do next, took a job as a part-time teller at Pioneer Bank (now Bank of the West). During that span of time, I progressed geographically as well—north to Berthoud where I met my husband, Gary, and a place to truly call home. In the 10 or so years that followed, I branched from traditional banking into consumer and commercial lending, insurance and investment sales and eventually, financial planning.

I took a long hiatus from work when my daughter Maryn was born in 2005, followed by my son Nate in 2007, and greatly cherish those years dedicated to our growing family. I recently re-entered the workforce as a substitute teacher at Berthoud and Ivy Stockwell Elementary Schools. Although I certainly enjoyed working with kids and in a field more closely related to my educational background in child psychology, when the opportunity to become part of the EnergyLogic team arose, I could not pass it up!

Taking full advantage of Colorado’s beauty, I enjoy gardening, camping, hiking, and boating.  I am an avid reader, an (extremely) novice painter and make noble attempts at yoga on a regular basis.

Susan Mathes

Billing Specialist, with EnergyLogic since March 2007

I was born and raised in Ohio. At a young age, I acquired a strong appreciation for nature, animals and the outdoors during the numerous camping trips I took with my family along the east coast.

I studied photography at the Ohio Institute of Photography. After graduation, I began working as a photographer for a commercial studio in Cincinnati, where I stayed for more than 12 years. One summer hiatus, I packed my camera gear and headed to Maine to teach photography at a boy’s camp. My extended education includes incredible photo studies at both the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and the Ansel Adams’ gallery in Yosemite National Park.

In 1994, I headed west landing in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Since arriving here, I have operated my own photography business. Among other trades explored, was fabric covering of experimental aircraft and I have collaborated in the creation of large mosaic tile murals.

Currently my leisure time is spent in the mountains hiking and camping with my dogs. At home, it’s gardening, reading and house projects.

A wonderful part of my experience at EnergyLogic is working with interesting people who care about the world we live in and are eager to help make it better.

Sanaya Robles

Events & Communications Coordinator, with EnergyLogic since August 2016sanaya-robles

A sentence that defines my day to day life: If I’m not dancing in the corner to the music playing in my head, you can probably find me napping.

From a young age I dreamt of cozy winter nights and snow-blanketed landscapes. These images were manifest only through my imagination, growing up in the concrete village of Dallas, TX. College became my opportunity to flee to the mountains and I landed in Fort Collins, CO. When earning a degree of Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts with minors in English and Music/Video Production, I found myself frequently hanging out in the radio studio of 90.5 KCSU FM.

During my employment at KCSU I learned a lot about what I need in a work environment. The people I was surrounded by heavily influenced my outlook on life. I always need some sort of creative outlet to keep my mind happy. Additionally, I worked well with organizing, scheduling, and planning programming. Looking back, KCSU was excellent preparation for the position I hold at EnergyLogic. Between the lovely co-workers and the freedom to be both creative and scheduled, I have found a niche I quite like.

When I’m not petting dogs at work, I spend my downtime crafting and cooking. From knitting to drawing, fingerprinting to baking, I like working with fine details and delicious results! Being in Colorado has opened many doors for learning new skills. I’m slowly getting the handle of driving in the snow and mountains. Living in Berthoud not only makes the walk to work easy, but also gives me access to great camping! With the help of my friends, I’m learning the ends and outs of being a true Coloradan.

Jonathan Scott

Data Scientist, with EnergyLogic since April 2013

I started at EnergyLogic in the spring of 2013 as a research assistant shortly after finishing my degree at Colorado State University, where I studied Economics, History and Philosophy. As they say, jack of all trades, master of none. I sought to develop my research and analytical skills before pursuing a career in, well, something. I didn’t really know what the right career path for me would be, but I knew I wanted to use my talents to make a positive impact in people’s lives, ideally helping people to use natural resources in more intelligent and responsible ways. The eager-to-grow-up part of me thought it would be a good idea to take a job as a financial analyst at a large shipping and distribution firm nearby, but I soon recognized the poor fit, dreading the mindless work in an industry I couldn’t bring myself to care about. I quickly returned to EnergyLogic, where I feel my variety of abilities and interests mesh perfectly with a team of exciting and passionate people that devote themselves every day to developing a sustainable and responsible built environment.

I’m a lifelong resident of Colorado, and in my spare time I enjoy literature, travel, photography, language, sports, outdoor activities like backpacking and mountain biking, music, movies and art.