Xcel Energy New Home Builders Rebate

EnergyLogic is pleased to participate as a primary energy rating service provider in the Xcel Energy for New Homes Program. This program provides substantial rebates for homebuilders working within Xcel gas territory who qualify by meeting the requirements in the ENERGY STAR® Thermal Enclosure Checklist.

When did the program begin and how long will it last?
The official start date for the New Homes program was March 1, 2009. We don’t know how long the program will last, however Xcel will, and has, made changes to the program each year. We will make our best effort to keep the information on this site as up to date as possible. Rebate levels change each program year.

How do I know which houses qualify for the program?
In working with EnergyLogic, you’re already most of the way there, as you are already receiving guidance about how to ensure your houses meet the requirements.
When we receive your request for an insulation inspection, we check to see if your house is clearly within Xcel gas territory and enroll that house in the program. The home is then verified for utility providers.

What about the Energy Rating Certificates (HERS®) and other documentation I currently receive from EnergyLogic?
Participation in the Xcel New Homes program changes nothing about your relationship with EnergyLogic. You will still work directly with us, and we will continue to provide the same testing and inspections, Energy Star and HERS certificates, and meet all other energy related program and code specific requirements.

How do I claim my rebate? When can I expect payment from Xcel?
You don’t have to do anything!

EnergyLogic will submit all necessary documentation to Xcel Energy. Immediately following the final inspections at the home, EnergyLogic will submit all required documentation and pictures for approval. Once approved for rebate, they will send your Builder Incentive check directly to you. You can expect your check approximately 60 days of the final energy testing on your house. EnergyLogic has no access to rebate information once we have submitted the home.

Specific 2017/2018 Program year changes:
The program had shifted from a HERS index to rebates based on percent improvement over code. Percent better than code is specific to the code jurisdiction in which homes are permitted.
The ENERGY STAR certified rebate is now a bonus and available to any combo home that also earns a percent better than code rebate. The home must be both Xcel gas and Xcel electric.
2017/2018 Program Rebates – Performance

2017/2018 Program Rebates – Performance


2017/2018 Program Rebates – Performance 



Other Rebates outside of Xcel?


Colorado Springs Utilities

Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) offers rebates for building to Energy Star levels through their Energy Efficient Builder Incentive Program.


Black Hills EnergyBlack Hills Energy Logo

Black Hills Energy continues with the Black Hills Energy’s New Construction Program for Builders.  Builders must be building in Black Hills service territory and be a natural gas customer to be eligible for the rebate.


Questions? Email our Builder Programs Administrator.