EnergyLogic’s Water Management Inspections

It is estimated that $9-10 billion is spent every year to correct construction defects. Eighty percent of those defects are moisture-related. Often, moisture problems that lead to these failures could have been prevented with a simple quality control inspection. Deterioration of building components including wall sheathing, siding, trim, framing, and other structural components lead to high warranty costs and potential lawsuits.

At EnergyLogic, we strive to be more than just another trade.  We are an integral part our client’s team.  We use our expertise not only to promote better buildings, but to provide risk reduction to our clients.

Water Damage In KitchenThe Inspection

EnergyLogic raters perform a 12-point Water Management Inspection on the building exterior.  Each inspection closely follows Energy Star’s Water Management checklist and includes the weather-resistant barrier (ie: Tyvek), roof-wall connections, flashing details, and water-managed foundations.

The inspections occur just before siding and in many cases can be combined with the same site visit as the rough duct test.  At the time of inspection, the builder receives a checklist report, including pictures and descriptions of recommended action items.


If you are interested in learning more about Water Management Inspections for Home Builders, contact Robby Schwarz at 720-838-0677.

For information on Water Management Inspections for Multifamily, contact Rusty Buick at 720-305-8436.