Services for Home Builders

EnergyLogic has the region’s most comprehensive set of services for home builders of every kind. Our services cover every aspect of energy efficiency, sustainability, compliance and quality assurance in home building.

HERS® Energy Ratings

Energy ratings are the backbone of EnergyLogic’s service platform. EnergyLogic energy ratings not only meet RESNET HERS Standards, we exceed them. In fact, EnergyLogic is deeply involved in the leadership of our industry from standard development to training to innovation in services and products. Click here for a detailed description of our service platform and the nuts and bolts of the energy rating system.

Energy Code Compliance

EnergyLogic is an expert resource in working with builders to comply with increasingly stringent and complicated code requirements. Regardless of the code compliance path, EnergyLogic delivers effective compliance services.


EnergyLogic is your sole sources program compliance organization. Because we work with every program in the marketplace we can help builders select the right program for their strategic objectives. Where a program is already required, we deliver the most builder centric services in the market.


EnergyLogic is an Applied Building Science company. We work with builders on a wide variety of issues from risk management to post-occupancy issues to help builders meet their strategic objectives.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our builder services via email or by phone at 800-315-0459.