Efficiency Program and Certifications


LEED® for Homes

The USGBC LEED for Homes program also requires a HERS Rater, HERS Ratings and additionally a certified Green Rater. As a comprehensive sustainability program, the LEED for Homes program demands a great deal of inspection, documentation and verification to ensure the highest standards are met in program execution. EnergyLogic has a dedicated team of LEED for Homes professionals and has established itself as a leader as evidenced by a number of “firsts”, the development of overseas markets and a deep catalog of successful LEED for Homes projects.

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We also offer Commercial LEED® services as well.



The ENERGY STAR program for new homes requires both a HERS Rater and a HERS Rating. The ENERGY STAR program relies on the national network of HERS Raters, HERS Rating companies and other RESNET professionals to ensure compliance with their program and deliver consistent, quality results for home-builders and home-owners.

EnergyLogic is a leader in the HERS industry with highly-trained, passionate professionals, a history of innovation in the industry and a commitment to sustainable business development. Our gallery of successful ENERGY STAR projects shows the breadth of our experience.

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We offer Commercial ENERGY STAR services also.


Builders Challenge®

The Department of Energy’s Builders Challenge program also relies on RESNET certified HERS Raters for program deliver and compliance. The HERS Rating and its associated processes are at the center of this rigorous program. HERS Raters work as a key part of the home-builder’s team to ensure that program requirements are met in the most cost-effective manner possible.

EnergyLogic has been involved with Builders Challenge program since its inception and our highly knowledgeable team is prepared to help any builder, from the smallest to the largest adopt this leading edge program. Visit our gallery to view successful Builders Challenge projects.

EnergyLogic is ready to help you with your Builders Challenge project. Call us at 800-315-0459 for more information


Passive House® and Zero Energy Homes

The Passive House program is designed to deliver the ultimate in home energy performance. Developed in Germany and Europe and now available in the US, Passive House requires trained and certified professionals. EnergyLogic has these professionals on site, and they are eager to help you with your Passive House. We’ve been involved in helping even larger builders tackle this extremely demanding program, click here to see more about Passive House projects and our Passive House projects.

Some builders and homeowners want to pursue a Zero Energy or near Zero Energy home. EnergyLogic has extensive experience with a breadth of clients working toward this lofty goal. These homes may or may not be part of a particular program, but having a HERS Rater and EnergyLogic involved is an excellent way to meet your goals. Again, call us at 800-315-0459 for more information.


Information on Xcel Builder Rebates and other local programs are found here.