M1 Sample (2)New Residential HVAC Design

A quality builder would not build a house without a proper and detailed set of plans to follow. A home’s HVAC system is one of the most important components of the home and deserves the same detailed planning. In fact, starting with the 2012 IECC, HVAC systems must be designed with proper load and size calculations submitted to the building jurisdiction.  EnergyLogic works throughout Colorado’s front-range and has the expertise and experience to design a quality system that meets the code requirements. We work collaboratively with the HVAC installer to ensure that our system will perform properly while also being practical to install.

New Residential HVAC Design Service

  • Full HVAC designs: Manual J heating and cooling load, Manual D duct design and Manual S equipment sizing
  • Pre-design meeting to include the Architect, Engineer and Builder

Our services don’t stop at the design. We also offer HVAC quality installation inspections and testing to verify that the system performs in the field, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing potential warranty and comfort complaints. Our HVAC designers along with our field inspection team members, encompass the knowledge and experience to design your system and to properly ensure that it is installed well, enhancing the entire process for everyone.

New Residential HVAC Design, Testing & Inspection Package

  • Full HVAC designs: Manual J heating and cooling load, Manual D duct design and Manual S equipment sizing
  • Pre-design charrette to include the Architect, Engineer and Builder to proactively address potential issues and ensure the HVAC system does not detract from the building design.
  • Pre-installation meeting with HVAC contractor in order to ensure any field issues are addressed.
  • Rough system testing and observation include a duct leakage test and a duct quality installation inspection.

EnergyLogic’s HVAC Design and Testing Services Overview

EnergyLogic respects and values the skills and knowledge of experienced HVAC contractors, and we consider their early feedback to be critical to successful implementation of the design. Our quality assurance program will be performed in conjunction with the HVAC contractor to ensure coordinated design and installation. 

“This is a great service for EnergyLogic to offer with the overall package. They are already doing ours and it is much easier to coordinate everything from design to installation to inspection. Anytime EnergyLogic needs a reference letter, or if they need me to attend any of their HBA presentations to provide a live testimonial, I’d be happy to do it.” – Mike Woelke, Garden of the Gods Homes