M1 Sample (2)New Residential HVAC Design

When building a new home, one of the most important considerations is to properly design the HVAC system so it integrates properly with the buildings thermal envelope. EnergyLogic now offers full HVAC designs; Manual J heating and cooling load, Manual S equipment sizing, and Manual D duct design. EnergyLogic works up and down the front range and understands the different jurisdictional needs and requirements in addition to what an energy efficiency program may ask for. Our unique approach leverages a collaborative process that recognizes the value, insight, and expertise of the HVAC contractor.

EnergyLogic knows the purpose of good HVAC design is to ensure the system works. But what good is a design if the installers can’t (or choose not to) follow it? Our service don’t stop at the design. We also offer HVAC quality installation inspections and testing which better enables our ability to design systems that perform. Our credentialed HVAC Designers along with our field inspection staff have the knowledge and experience to design your system to properly ensure that it is installed well, making a smooth process for everyone.

Our HVAC design services include, but are not limited to:

  • Manual J, D, and S 3rd party review & consulting
  • Manual J, D, and S design
  • Builder and/or contractor pre-design meeting
  • Installation contractor collaboration meetings
  • Ventilation consulting and commissioning
  • Local HVAC code permitting/submittal reports
  • Commissioning

We proudly serve Colorado Builders and HVAC Contractors!

For more information on our HVAC Design services, please contact Robby Schwarz at 720-838-0677.


“This is a great service for EnergyLogic to offer with the overall package. They are already doing ours and it is much easier to coordinate everything from design to installation to inspection. Anytime EnergyLogic needs a reference letter, or if they need me to attend any of their HBA presentations to provide a live testimonial, I’d be happy to do it.”

Mike Woelke
Garden of the Gods Homes