LEED for Homes – Services

EnergyLogic offers a complete portfolio of all the services required to get your project LEED certified. While all of these services can be used individually we believe strongly in incorporating them all together, guaranteeing an expedited submittal review and certification process.



Our team of LEED AP credentialed professionals are here to provide you with design consulting and subcontractor management to inform and engage your entire project team with the LEED process and submittal guidelines. We will foster the creation of the entire submittal package which is always the most labor intensive aspect of certification. Having your project team on task and up to date with all specific LEED requirements is essential to keeping you on track towards LEED certification.




All of our Green Raters/International Green Raters are certified as HERS Raters as well to save you time and money in the verification of your LEED project. It is our job to stay up to date with all LEED requirements and changes in verification protocols. We are your primary point of contact to make sure that your home is ready to be verified as part of the certification process.




As a LEED Provider we manage all in house and external green raters under our jurisdiction. We constitute the final step in the certification process, as well as provide guidance on all questions that need to be answered directly by the USGBC. A good provider is necessary to make sure that all established protocols are being followed by Green Raters in the field as well as answering high level process questions from start to finish. We are the lifeline to USGBC.


Contact us directly to discuss your LEED project by calling 720-305-8436 (Rusty Buick) or email us through our contact page.