Hong Kong Blue Pool Road Townhomes

In 2013, EnergyLogic had the privilege of working on the first LEED for Homes project in Hong Kong – The LEED Gold-certified Blue Pool Rd townhomes.

The Blue Pool Road project – located on a steeply graded plot of land in the upscale Happy Valley section of Hong Kong Island – consists of 18 side-by-side townhomes, each more than 4,000 square feet with 7 bedrooms – a size nearly unheard of on the densely populated city-islands of Hong Kong.

These homes include many innovative features to help save energy, reduce cooling needs (there is basically zero heating load in Hong Kong!) and conserve water wherever possible. The dual-glazed curtain wall facades on the front and rear of each unit include automatic internal shading tied to timers and light sensors to block out the intense subtropical sun. The flat roof decks – where you’ll find a hot tub, rainwater-fed ponds, and an outdoor shower – are constructed of high-albedo manufactured stone tiles to help further reduce solar heat gain.

All rain water from the rooftops is captured in twin 20,000 liter cisterns (10,000+ gallons combined), where it is filtered, treated with UV light, and then stored for use in the drip irrigation system installed throughout the living wall that defines the rear property boundary.

It was such a unique honor to spend time in this beautiful city/state, working on the certification of Hong Kong’s first LEED for Homes project.  During the first day of onsite final inspections, I had just completed my blower door test when I noticed the project team lead beaming over my shoulder. Surrounded by a throng of people – everyone who had had a hand in the design and planning of the townhomes – he proudly exclaimed, “This is likely the first blower door test in all of Hong Kong. And we passed!”