Certified LEED Platinum HGTV Green Home®

In 2011, EnergyLogic partnered with Infinity Homes to create the Certified LEED Platinum HGTV Green Home® in the Stapleton Neighborhood of Denver, CO. This home provided a tremendous opportunity to display EnergyLogic’s strength in helping adapt a production home builder’s mentality to the LEED process and framework. By taking a production model through the LEED certification process we were able to display the viability of LEED for Homes certification for a much wider audience.

The Stapleton district provided the perfect venue for this project with its ample park system, bike paths, and community connectivity to promote the sustainable lifestyle for which the LEED designation was created. Getting the entire project team, along with all subcontractors, involved early in the design phase was key to creating an environment ripe for the integration of LEED. With this open line of communication established early on, inevitable issues down the road were managed effectively through coordinated efforts of all parties involved.

All facets of the building envelope, interior finishes, mechanical systems, and site plan were examined through innovative approaches to functional design elements. A great example of this is displayed through sections of the old Stapleton Airport runway repurposed for backyard pavers as part of the landscape design. Harnessing the power of the average 300 days of Colorado sun, solar panels were thoughtfully integrated into the roof design, providing clean renewable energy for years to come. With recycled, locally sourced materials used throughout construction, this project proved that LEED certification provides a great option for builders and homeowners alike to add value through sustainability.