LEED for Homes – International


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EnergyLogic has helped pave the way for the development of LEED for Homes internationally. Through our coordinated efforts with USGBC, LEED for Homes International has gone from a pilot program to the most highly recognized certification in sustainability and green building worldwide. To help establish a better platform for this program to flourish internationally, we have held Green Rater training’s across the world to better serve the market on a global scale. Through our combined training and verification of international projects, we believe LEED for Homes has limitless potential to expand throughout the world.

The services we provide to our international clients include AP design consulting, Green Rater training and mentor-ship, provider services and much more. We serve the entire scope of LEED for Homes, whether you want a single project certified or have the desire to become a LEED for Homes Green Rater yourself. Our goal is to develop an international network of green raters who can better serve their local regions to foster the success of the LEED for Homes program for all.

We are always searching for new places to expand our work, so please contact us if you are interested in either a LEED project or training abroad.