HERS® Energy Ratings

Energy Ratings are technically called HERS (Home Energy Ratings System) Ratings. The simplest way to describe a HERS Rating is that it’s like a “miles-per-gallon” sticker for your house. It’s a comparison of your home to other homes of similar size. But really, a HERS Rating is so much more than that. It’s in the work that is done to get to that sticker where the real value of a rating is created. HERS Ratings are used for a variety of reasons including; energy code compliance, marketing, program compliance.

Most often, HERS Ratings are conducted on new homes that haven’t been occupied yet. A HERS Rating establishes a HERS Index or score for a home. Though an imperfect analogy, the HERS index is most often described as a “Miles-per-gallon” sticker for a new home. The HERS ratings gives us an estimate of the energy use that an average homeowner should expect for that home. It also allows us to compare the scores of similar homes. HERS Ratings are governed by RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) Standards and include quality assurance as well as certification for the HERS Rater, the professional performing the HERS Rating.

HERS Ratings can be performed on older homes as well, though this is far less common. The primary reason for doing so is to establish a baseline energy use to compare to when exploring energy retrofit options. This typically is done in connection with an energy efficient mortgage product that incentives a home buyer to make energy improvements.

Why use EnergyLogic?

Energy Ratings are not commodities and energy raters are not all created equally. EnergyLogic invests deeply in professional training and development of our field professionals. We take quality very seriously and work tirelessly to ensure that we are smooth operating system that won’t slow a builder down on the job. That said, there is one thing that we have at the end of the day in our work, our integrity. If you want the very best, EnergyLogic is a clear choice.

EnergyLogic is a member of the Energy Professional Exchange (EPX), an exclusive, membership only organization of the highest performing HERS organizations in the nation. EPX is dedicated to driving the highest standards of quality and integrity in the HERS industry.

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