Home Builder’s FAQs


I’m on a tight schedule. How will working with EnergyLogic impact me?

At EnergyLogic, we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate with your schedule and cause no delay in your current sequencing. We have made a concentrated effort to understand the issues that are important to builders and focus on them.


My buyers aren’t asking for this, why should I do it?

That is an excellent question, and one we like to answer. If you…

  • are interested in differentiating yourself from the competition, it makes sense.
  • don’t want to be left behind as more builders adopt high-performance standards, it makes sense.
  • would like to give your sales people additional tools to sell houses, it makes sense.
  • would like to add quality control or supplement your current measures and improve liability avoidance, it makes sense.
  • want to be able to take advantage of tax credits when they become available, it makes sense.


How much will it cost?

Building a high-performance home costs anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Typical changes are to the insulation systems, mechanical systems, windows and air-sealing practices. Some of these are easy and some require some effort. EnergyLogic works with all of its builder clients to train sub-contractors and QC their work. Please call 800-415-0459 ext. 1, or email us at scheduling@nrglogic.com.


I’m concerned about liability issues, what about that?

Nothing that EnergyLogic typically recommends is anything other than tried and true. Some builders enjoy experimenting, but most don’t. Our normally recommended changes only decrease liability exposure. Implementing a quality assurance program with an outside organization forms a part of liability protection. See the NAHB Toolbase website for information on this topic.


I already have a Quality Assurance program, why do I need you?

Few QA programs pay any attention at all to the issues that surround high-performance construction. We are focused on all the elements that typically are left out of QA programs. For example, few QA programs give adequate attention to insulation and HVAC issues. Not only are we engaged in visual inspections to ensure quality, but we also perform a complete set of tests to ensure that work was done properly and sub-standard situations don’t go uncorrected.


Can I customize the services to meet my needs?

Absolutely, EnergyLogic is completely able to customize a program of tests and inspections to meet your unique needs. We will be happy to meet with you to hear what is important to you and make suggestions. Contact Robby Schwarz for questions on custom programs at 720-838-0677 or email him directly.


Which program should I join or work with?

It depends on what your objectives are. Please visit our programs page to help you make decisions about what path will best help you meet your objectives.


Who are you and why are you in my office?

We are EnergyLogic Inc., the largest home energy services company in Colorado. We serve the entire Front Range and some mountain communities. We work with a variety of builders from custom home builders to some of the largest builders in the country. Our range of services is complete and constantly evolving to meet our client’s needs. It would be our honor to get to know you.


Please see our services page for more about what we do and about us for more on the people that make up EnergyLogic.  Feel free to give us a call at 800-315-0459 ext. 1, or email us at scheduling@nrglogic.com and let’s get started!