EnergyLogic is the leading provider of field energy services to residential builders in Colorado.


Production Builders

EnergyLogic works with most of the largest production homebuilders in our service territory. Our understanding of the production home building industry, depth of experience and broad client base give us unique insight into what is important to our production builder clients.

Custom Builders

EnergyLogic has worked with hundreds of custom home builders across Colorado. Custom homes are unique by definition and each one requires a thoughtful approach to the needs of the builder and the owner. EnergyLogic has decades of experience with every type of custom home. We bring an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the custom home building community.

Multi-family Builders

EnergyLogic has substantial experience working in multi-family construction. We work with every facet of the multi-family construction process, from design to completion. Developers, designers and construction professionals have all relied on EnergyLogic for expert guidance in meeting the complex energy and sustainability requirements of today’s multi-family structures.

Design Professionals, Code Officials, Housing authorities and Non-profits

EnergyLogic has a long history of working with the breadth of stakeholders in the residential construction industry. From direct consulting and advising work to participation in design charrettes to partnering on policy and outreach work, EnergyLogic brings deep applied building science expertise to everything that we do.


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