Barb Ver Steeg

Contracts Administrator, with EnergyLogic since December 2009

I was born and raised in Denver, went to an all-girls high school, then on to CSU where I got a degree in, of all things, wildlife biology.

And the fun began – I did lots of cool field biology work in exotic and non-exotic places like the Red Desert of Wyoming, Gunnison Basin in Colorado, Mohave Desert in Arizona, corn and bean fields of Illinois, and Northern Territory in Australia. I studied/trapped/handled animals such as pronghorn antelope, mule deer, bighorn sheep, river otters, sage-grouse, marshbirds, songbirds, bats, rodents, and badgers. I’m happy to say I contracted no zoonotic diseases, sustained no lasting injuries, got a master’s degree, cherish fond memories, and have many photos to prove to my kids that I actually had a life before they arrived.

Biology isn’t my only interest – I took a year to study art and liberal arts in Florence, Italy. Now I am lucky to work at a fabulous company with very interesting people who are life-long, passionate learners who respect our planet – the perfect place for me.

I am married to Jeff, also a biologist who works for the Division of Wildlife, and have 2 sons, Nathaniel and Andrew, who dwarf me and keep us endlessly entertained. I love living in Colorado and being with my family, and especially enjoy reading, swimming, hiking, yoga, jigsaw and word puzzles, piano, running, and bicycling (in that order, and never together).