Aaryn Jackson

Team Lead, with EnergyLogic since May 2013

I grew up in a small town outside of Santa Fe, NM. Pecos, NM if you know where that is. I grew up in a construction environment as my home was built by family and friends just as I was born and was just finished 3yrs ago, I’m 32. My dad owned a business building passive solar homes so not too much time to work on his own home, just made sure it was good enough to live in.

After growing up in Pecos, my parents finally moved my brother and I into town when I was 12. In retrospect, I really enjoyed my time growing up in the woods with nature finding stuff to do. To this day, I really enjoy playing, whether it is board games or sports, I’m in! I played baseball throughout high school, which was when I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Being able to play ball in school really helped get me through it, and it made me be the best ball player I could. It also shaped me into the person I am today, putting reality in perspective with the mantra: ‘Enjoy today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.’ So I decided to pursue a baseball career. Finding a college that would accept a small kid from NM that previously had some health issues, proved to be very hard but I did eventually end up in Phoenix at a C.C. where I walked on and played one year before shoulder issues became too bad to bare and reality sets in… I wasn’t going to be able to make the show!

After my short baseball career, I had to figure out what I wanted to do. I decided to finish school and get my degree, even though I had no idea what I really wanted to do. I eventually graduated from U of A in Tucson (go Cats!!) with a psychology major and business minor.

I came to the realization that sustainability is a necessary part of our futures and something I was actually excited about it. So I moved to Boulder with my then girlfriend of 5yrs, and now wife, and started working in the industry at Eco Products selling sustainable building supplies. Boy did learn a lot in those 3yrs. Then I found out about energy auditing and started my pursuit to get certified which is when I learned about Energy Logic. So 3 years ago I took the courses at Energy Logic for RESNET and BPI and have been in the rating/auditing industry since!

I really enjoy working with everyone here at EL as it has been nothing but good interactions with real positive and passionate people!