Aaron Scott

Field Operations Manager, with EnergyLogic since June 2013

I was born in San Francisco, and grew up in a small town about 45 minutes east of my birthplace. The house I grew up in was at the base of Mount Diablo where I had miles and miles of State Park and mountains to explore. Living in such an area, I gained a great appreciation for the outdoors and the environment. The mountain had a large rock quarry on it where they would blast away tons of rocks a day. I remember growing up thinking, “What happens when they blast away the whole mountain.” So from a young age I was made aware of the impact that humans have on our environment and the scarcity of our resources.

For college, I moved 45 minutes South to attend San Jose State University and obtained my degree in Sociology. After graduating I bounced around jobs for 2 years, from leasing apartments, to food service, to a job working in construction. Following that I decided that I enjoyed college so much I would go back and received my masters in Environmental City Planning. After graduating, I decided that the best way to get a job in the environmental field would be to move to the Mecca of “green,” so 8 months after graduating I picked up and headed for the front range. If it didn’t work out, worse case I’d be right in the middle of some of the best snowboarding and fishing in the world, so I had nothing to lose. This proved to be a good move and I soon found myself working in the energy field and am able to support my snowboarding and fishing addictions.

Through my education, work, and life experience I have come to find that I really enjoy systems and interactions of systems. Whether it’s a social system such as the constructs and functions of society, to the house as a system and the interplay between the numerous components that make a house operate. EnergyLogic gives me the opportunity to do this on a daily basis, all the while helping to conserve our resources and the adverse impacts we have on the earth.